Fontaine Du Roy

The Dordogne region has been a popular tourist destination for many years.  A visitor is spoilt for choice as to how to spend their time.
 The area is especially renowed for its pre-historic caves, rivers, numerous chateaux, and some of the most beauitiful towns and villages in France
Visit one of the local markets to sample the produce of the region, or enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace of a village café.
For the more active there is canoeing, walking, cycling, horse riding and swimming..


Périgueux  is the 'capital' or principle town of the region.  Built in the fertile valley of the River Isle it is an ancient town with a long history that can be
traced in its architecture and its two distinctive districts. It has become famous around the world not just because of its history but
for the gastronomic specialities, with truffle and foie gras, honey and liqueurs being the prize jewels.
There is much to see and do, such as the Cathedral, the National and Roman Museums,  the medieval quarter, as well as the busy twice-weekly markets.

Bergerac is situated on the Dordogne river.  It was a prosperous town in the middle ages and although it lost a lot of its population in the 17th Century,
the town later revived its fortunes thanks to wine-shipping and tobacco-growing.
The medieval town is now surrounded by a thriving modern town which come the summer is vibrant with festivals, art, music, theatre and gastronomy

Sarlat is officially the most attractive medieval town in France!  It has preserved its ancient towns and cobbled side streets and despite not being on a
waterway is a must to visit. It has grown up around an Benedictine monastery founded in the 9th century and unlike many other towns
is not based upon a hilltop but is built in a bowl-like dip in the landscape.
As such it was reliant upon ramparts for protection during the course of its history and parts of which can still be seen.
Without a major industrial area the town has been preserved maintaining its character, buildings and calm way of life with many quiet alleyways,
a good market and selection of shops and restaurants.

The Dordogne is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt parts of south west France.


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